With the passage of time and with reform in socio-economic spheres of India, the concept of Security Services is now a full-fledged recognized requirement. We cannot think without it at any sector or industry. From residential compound to hospitals, malls to retail and warehouse or factories, events and in social gatherings the Security Service has become an essential part of our life.

Visual Securas Limited is proud to be pioneer and a leading organization to provide integrated
Security Services to various prestigious organizations / establishments across India.

Our Vision and Aim

  • End to end security solutions.
  • Ensure the guards are obedient, reliable, knowledgeable and co-operative.
  • Inculcate good habits, team spirit while ensuring sound physical and mental health of all the personnel.
  • Ensure determination, operational need, maintain confidentiality and capability of identifying the threats.
  • We promote employment to urban population and train them to upgrade their skills and educate them for employment. The main aim and objective is to help the backward & under-privileged sectors and create a strong dedicated work force with utmost loyalty.


It is mandatory to train all Security personnel prior to deployment to maintain the required standard. Visual never compromise on the same. The trainings imparted as per the Private Security Agency and Regulations Act 2005 which are mandatory as per the Govt. regulations. Visual is capable of providing such trainings to the newly recruited security personnel as well as ‘brush up ‘training at its various training establishments. We provide training on the followings.

Services we provide